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Prevent quiz answers from displaying when questions are submitted unanswered

Question asked by Audrey Gunn on Sep 12, 2018
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I have a multiple-choice quiz which students have three attempts to complete. After submitting the quiz during the first and second attempt, students are told whether their answer was right or wrong, but not told the correct answer if they were wrong. After completing their final attempt, students can see the correct answer.


While experimenting with the quiz in preview mode, I have found that if I submit the quiz without answering questions, it tells me the correct answers; it does not do this if I submit a wrong answer. Is there a way to require students to answer every question before submitting the quiz? Alternatively, is there a way to ensure that students do not see the correct answers if they leave questions unanswered during their first two attempts?


If this is just an issue with preview mode and things will function as I'd expect for students, that would also be good to know!