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SIS "Process as UI changes" as a Manual enrollment entry

Question asked by Matthew Palladinetti on Sep 12, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2018 by Matthew Palladinetti

We are looking for means in situations where we have to process large batch enrollments by means of SIS while retaining the teachers ability to delete the users from their courses should they wish.  The use case is very large courses that are either non-academic in nature or not based on our Banner data and enrollments post batch creation are controlled by the teacher.


The override for UI changes make it seem as though is "Process as UI changes" is selected these enrollments would be treated as if they were done via the UI.  However the created by SIS flag regardless of override settings seems to be always true and no matter what we check no SIS enrollment can be removed from the teacher.   Granted this could be done via the API but an idea would to have a checkbox toggle in the SIS feature that truly allows batch data to be inserted and not be flagged SIS create as the "Process as UI Changes" hints at.


Thank you.