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Instructor able to download unpublished files from a page while in Student View

Question asked by Solomon Klein on Sep 12, 2018
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I have a very strange case. A large chemistry class has two instructors, one of whom has added links to two unpublished files to a page. When he looks at the page in Student View and clicks on the links to the unpublished pages, as expected, it says "This file is currently locked." However, when the other instructor tries to do the same thing, she is able to download the files even though they are unpublished. It may be important to note that the second instructor was using Chrome on a Mac, while the first was using Pale Moon (a Mozilla browser with which I'm unfamiliar), especially because I was able to duplicate the unexpected behaviour on my own PC using Chrome, but not using Internet Explorer. However, the unexpected behaviour in Chrome stopped after I cleared my cache and cookies. A little while later, after doing some things in Chrome, I tried again, and the unexpected behaviour started again. Also, when I added myself to the course as a Student, I wasn't able to download the files in any browser.


Is this a bug? If it is, in which direction (i.e. are students supposed to be able to download unpublished files if there's a link to them in a page)? It's very confusing, especially because I'm led to believe that Canvas works best with Chrome.


Has anyone else experienced this? Or does anyone have any idea what's going on? If I can provide more information to help please let me know.