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Can I get token from  Basic Launch Data ?

Question asked by amir nabaei on Sep 17, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2018 by amir nabaei

The app is running in Canvas and I get basic launch data. I want to know can I use  data  from here and hit the end point to get token? 

I can manually create token but my company wants to automatically access the token and also they don't want to ask admin to give us the secret keys as well.


{ oauth_consumer_key: 'consumenr1234',
oauth_signature_method: 'HMAC-SHA1',
oauth_timestamp: '1xx7XXXXXXXXxxx7',
oauth_nonce: 'HYns',
oauth_version: '1.0',
context_id: '1xxXXXXXXXX222927',
context_label: 'project1',
context_title: 'project1',
custom_canvas_api_domain: '',
custom_canvas_course_id: '4443',
custom_canvas_enrollment_state: 'active',
custom_canvas_user_id: '1220',
custom_canvas_user_login_id: 'amir',
custom_canvas_workflow_state: 'available',
ext_roles: 'urn:lti:instrole:ims/lis/Instructor',
launch_presentation_document_target: 'iframe',
launch_presentation_height: '400',
launch_presentation_locale: 'en',
launch_presentation_width: '800',
lis_course_offering_sourcedid: 'ncc-xxxx',
lis_person_contact_email_primary: '',
lis_person_name_family: 'Nabaei',
lis_person_name_full: 'Amir Nabaei',
lis_person_name_given: 'Amir',
lis_person_sourcedid: '3xxxxx',
lti_message_type: 'basic-lti-launch-request',
lti_version: 'LTI-1p0',
oauth_callback: 'about:blank',
resource_link_id: 'axxxxxxxx',
resource_link_title: 'local4',
roles: 'Instructor',
tool_consumer_info_product_family_code: 'canvas',
tool_consumer_info_version: 'cloud',
tool_consumer_instance_contact_email: '',
tool_consumer_instance_guid: 'xxxxxxx',
tool_consumer_instance_name: 'xxxxxxx',
user_id: 'xxxxxxxxxx',
user_image: 'https://xxxxxxxx',
oauth_signature: 'xxxxxx' }