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How does regrading questions impact previous course grades?

Question asked by Cindy Masek on Jul 10, 2015
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Branched from an earlier discussion

I found this post researching some issues regarding question banks vs groups.  I am looking for clarification on these issues.


Is it correct that if I change an answer choice or delete a question from a question bank that all previous instances of the question are also changed or trigger a re-grade?  If this is true, what do you do about the students who may see a grade change from the final grade they saw in a previous course?  For instance Student X fails ABD123 with a 74.9 grade.  A year later, a new teacher deletes several questions from the question bank.  Now his grade is passing.  What if he goes back in to see his grade and sees it is now passing?  He could grieve the grade, or a teacher may now think they entered a final grade incorrectly in the past.


So if this understanding is correct, do college's have policies or standard procedures about changing bank questions?  Some that come to mind are:

  • never delete a question, just file it in a new folder of "previous question"
  • some how delete access to viewing grades in Canvas after a certain date
  • re-grade by student within the course instance when adjusting scores


Is there something here I'm not getting?  It would seem like these could be big issues.