New UI: Transition process and user-selectable feature flag?

Discussion created by MLentini on Jul 13, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2015 by Kona Jones

I've been thinking about the new interface, and the transition process, and the more I think (bad idea? dunno) the more I find myself hoping that it should be an end user-selectable feature during the transition year. In general, what I’m aiming for is that we can transition users slowly, as they are ready, for at least some of our campus population, before we drop the hammer on them. Here’s how this could work:

  1. Canvas releases the new interface. Admins can choose 1) leave it off 2) allow users to select which interface to use 3) turn it on.
  2. Admin chooses #2 from above when they’re ready.
  3. Users choose which version they want. They have to go deep into their profile to make the change, so the faint of heart won’t flip to the new interface accidentally (and then flip out).
  4. We do whatever announcing we want. (I’m thinking a few select users, evangelists, etc). Then we do more announcing.
  5. We sit back and let innovation diffuse naturally for a few months.
  6. Start the “Canvas is making this change (so don’t tar and feather me) and it’s going to be permanent for everyone on __insert date here__” messaging.
  7. Flip the switch to on (option 3 above). Or just wait for Instructure to do it.


We (and Canvas) are still going to have to maintain two versions of documentation during the switch, so there’s no added cost/effort there. We’re also going to have to support people as they get used to the change. The choice I’d like us to have is whether to take all that pain at once, or spread it out a bit.


What do y'all in the autonomous collective have in mind for transition strategies?