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Instructor Blogging for "Teaching Presence"

Discussion created by Guy Saward on Sep 19, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2018 by Sharmaine Regisford

How would you as an instructor provide "teaching presence" for an online course using Canvas? 


In the past I have used a blog inside our VLE with weekly / bi-weekly posts to set expectations and feedback / summarise discussions and other learning activities.  


Canvas does not provide a blogging tool so I am wondering where should I be positing these updates, as:

  • a discussion, with regular posts?
  • a series of announcements?
  • a weekly conversation post / message?
  • a page with regular updates?
  • an external tool?  ... though I am keen to keep things inside Canvas

... something else altogether


I can see pros and cons for each approach, e.g. visibility, navigation, notifications and ability to comment.  I have already found some interesting resources related but not identical to this question, inside and outside the community, e.g. 


... but any additional ideas / thoughts would be welcome!