Caroline Foley

Have there been times when "Act as User" incorrectly showed your user's view?

Discussion created by Caroline Foley on Sep 18, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2018 by Rick Jerz

I recently had something come up where, when I "acted as user," I had a different view than what the user was seeing. 


I was thinking that it might be useful to share with one another if there have been other instances so that we have a shared resource when we are trying to troubleshoot as an Admin using this tool.


Please use this space to share times when you also have had a different view in "act as user" than what the user was actually seeing. You may also respond to people's posts if you know of any solutions to the behavior that is being witnessed.


For the first post, I will give more details about the behavior I saw that led me to create this discussion.


Looking forward to sharing this information with one another!