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Criteria for automatically moving courses to Dashboard?

Question asked by Danielle Casey on Sep 18, 2018
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So, imagine this: A student comes in, panicked, stressed, worried, because their course isn't showing up in Canvas.  The first place we check is their All Courses page, and sure enough, there it is!  We just need to click the star and ta-da! It shows up on the Dashboard.  We're heroes, everyone is happy, easy fix, and the student knows to check there next time.  Sound familiar?

But why does this happen with some courses and not others?  Whether a student is brand new or they've just never had a course not show up on their Dashboard automatically, this happens all the time, but we (my snazzy eLearning department) can't seem to puzzle out any exact criteria for it and were wondering whether y'all had any further information.


We've wondered if it had to do with when courses were officially published in relation to our set term dates, whether a student was added after the course had started, whether a student was dropped and readded, is it our SIS integration, the list of possibilities goes on.


I apologize if this question has been answered somewhere else and I just couldn't find it!

Do you know if there's a specific reason or set of criteria that would cause a current, published course to show up on the All Courses list but not the Dashboard?