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Quiz Log Auditing in Student App

Discussion created by Brian Bennett on Sep 19, 2018
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I'm working with some teachers who are using Quiz Log Audits in their courses. We're 1:1 with iPads and students typically split between the Canvas Student App and Safari based on personal preference. One concerning problem is that quiz logs are not collected correctly if students are using the iOS app.


I can leave the quiz entirely, go to another app, work, search, play a game, etc. The log shows a sequence of answering questions without recording that the app lost focus. It doesn't even record when I start an item. Here's an example:



In Safari, the log works as expected, but not for leaving Safari, etc.


This may be better suited for a discussion and we have other mechanisms for managing quizzes in class. But, if we wanted to assign a quiz as homework, say, there'd be no way to accurately keep track of student actions using logs when a student is on a touchscreen. 


Has anyone else come across this? What mechanisms have you used to mitigate the problems?