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Hacking the Commons

Question asked by Brad Hinson on Jul 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2015 by Brad Hinson

I think the Canvas Commons has potential, but is lacking some usability.  We would like it to work like a shopping cart, where we can provide links directly to specific objects inside the repository.

Thus, we'll create a Canvas Gallery with demos of Course Pages, code snippets (tabs, accordion, etc.), and so forth.   Each item will have a link/button that goes directly to said-item in Commons.


The Commons is built with frames, etc. - thus masking any direct URLs to specific objects.   Any ideas for getting around this? 


The issue with the Commons - you can't link to specific items, you can't pass variables to it so folks can find things, and worst of all - users can't "see" and "try" objects ahead of time.  It doesn't facilitate try-before-you-buy.  Which is what we are trying to build now.   Think of the code-snippets in the Canvas Hacks classroom where each snippet as an "Add to my course" link.   Bada-bing!


Ideas welcome...