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SIS Full Batch Update

Question asked by Ariel Jagusztyn on Sep 20, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2018 by Ariel Jagusztyn

I'm a bit confused about the full batch update. It says "If selected, this will delete everything for this term, which includes all courses and enrollments that are not in the selected import file above.
See the documentation for details." 


If I add a courses.csv file and click "a full batch update", and all the courses are the same in that csv file as what I already have in Canvas (names, SIS IDs, terms, etc.), will all remain the same, does this delete the content I have in those courses? What if I want to do a full batch update to change a course name? For example, if I have an ENG 101 course, and I linked it to the wrong Blueprint, so now it's linked to MTH 101, can I do a full batch update and just change the name of the course?


On another note, I was uploading a courses.csv file and I accidentally wrote over a hundred courses with the same SIS ID (I was uploading hundreds of courses and missed this range as an oversight). To avoid confusion, I have removed a range of SIS IDs, specifically (C_000789-C000891) is the amount of courses I had to remove. I removed them because I was linking to a Blueprint, but because I wrote the numbers twice, it linked to the incorrect Blueprint, so for now, I've told other admins at my institution to avoid that range of SIS IDs.


What is the best course of action to put those SIS IDs back into my course list? Should I use a change_sis_id.csv or should I put in a full batch update? 

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