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What is the rationale for Sortable Name being used for Conferences and Collaborations (rather than display name, as elsewhere)

Question asked by Antony Coombs on Sep 19, 2018
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We've noticed that the Conferences and Collaborations appear to differ from other locations in Canvas in using the Sortable name field to list students, rather than display name.

This is problematic for us, as, to provide a workaround to another institutional requirement, we've made use of the sortable name field to show an assessment candidate ref number (which we need to see in the gradebook).


I just wondered whether there was a particular rationale for using sortable name in Conferences and Collaborations, to inform any requests/ideas we put forward to amend this.


Ideally, we would have the choice of what name field is used for different activity types (an extension of the "Gradebook - list students by sortable name" feature option), to give us a bit more flexibility / wriggle room in how we fit Canvas to our institutional practice.