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Group Home page and Notifications

Question asked by Katherine Williams on Sep 19, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2018 by Rick Murch-Shafer

So I am only a few weeks into Canvas, and only realized last week that the Group functions in Canvas would be better than SMS for communicating with the group I'm in, in my math class. But I'm running into two issues of confusion, that I'm not sure are intentional or glitches. Also note that I'm not an admin, just a student who chose to create group myself. 


1. On the Group Home, there is a "Recent Activity" feed, but there's nothing displayed in that feed, except Announcements. I have created two discussions, and uploaded a file, in the last week. And none of that is displaying on the Recent Activity feed. 


2. Group members are only getting notifications, either via email or push, if I do an Announcement. If I add a Discussion or a File to the group, they are not sent anything about new activity in general, or what I specifically created. And in Canvas (browser or mobile), there's also no bold numeral telling them that there's some kind of new activity or notifications in the Group. 


I checked notification settings, and the only setting that is under Groups is "Membership Update." And that is accurate, per this document, . Which would suggest there is no way to set notification preferences for any other part of Groups at all. Is that accurate? Or is it more like, if you have Discussions notifications turned on, they should work for any Discussions, whether they're course-wide or within a group? Because if it's the latter I'll check with another group member to see if the lack of notifications for new Discussions/Files it's a settings problem. 


But beyond that, shouldn't the Group in Canvas display things in the same way as a course would? For example, in my Astronomy class, all Discussions with recent activity and Announcements are all listed on the Recent Activity feed. And if a new Discussion is posted, I get an email. Should the Groups be responding the same way, or within groups, are Announcements and membership changes the only things which are allowed to send out notifications? 

Thanks for any clarification you can offer.