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Faculty who only teach online

Discussion created by Kate Burkes on Sep 20, 2018
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We are a traditional community college with a growing online program, and the question has come up about best practices in online load for faculty.  We have Deans who don't allow their full-time faculty to teach more than a couple online sections per semester (the rest must be taught on-campus), and others who allow some faculty to teach their full load online (i.e they don't teach any classes on campus).  These full-time faculty all live in the local area, so distance is not an issue.  Adjuncts is a different issue altogether -- we haven't started looking at that yet.


We are curious what other colleges might be doing related to this.  Specifically:

1.  Do you allow full-time faculty to teach all their course load online?  Do you have a rationale for this?

2.  If your college does allow it, how do you handle office hours, service to the college, and do they keep an office on campus?


If anyone has written policies on this topic, I would love a copy if you can share.


Many thanks.