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Display trailing zeros in quiz variables?

Question asked by Jason Smee on Sep 19, 2018
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When setting up a formula equation I have a variable set up that needs to have one decimal place. However if the range of the variable includes an integer number (e.g. 19.4 to 20.6 where 20.0 is possible) then only the integer value (20) is shown instead of what I intended to display (20.0) if that happens to be one of the number generated. This creates a HUGE problem when dealing with significant figures because 20 has 1 significant figure while 20.0 has 3. I have students getting penalized for rounding to fewer significant digits that what they should (e.g. 1 instead of 3) because they followed the rules properly. If an integer value is possible then why even have the option to allow decimal places if trailing zeros are always omitted from integers? Anybody know of workarounds? (Aside from not setting ranges that have integer numbers in them or constantly generating possible answers until you get a set that are not problematic.)