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How to trouble shoot custom code?

Question asked by Phil Rogacki on Sep 19, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2018 by Robert Carroll

We are having an issue caused by our custom code and I hope to get some hints on how to trouble shoot it. I'm a Canvas admin who is relatively new to Canvas.


A former employee wrote some of our custom code and we also hired a firm to create templates in Canvas and they wrote some custom JS and CSS.


The issue we're having is the Forgot Pasword? link on our login page sends out the email appropriately, but when a student clicks on the link to reset their password, they are taken to a blank page. If I append "?global_includes=0" to that URL the page comes up with the entry forms for changing one's password.


I have attached screenshots of both the blank screen and the one that works.


Can someone please point me toward how to trouble shoot this?