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VeriCite Canvas interface Spanish Language

Question asked by Connie Lantz on Sep 20, 2018
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An instructor here uploaded a paper into her assignment to check it for plagiarism by setting VeriCite up in the assignment. The paper and the Canvas instance all show English in the language that the pages are showing. However, when we click on the VeriCite % window in SpeedGrader, the SpeedGrader goes to Vericite and the page is written in Spanish (The paper remains in English) I could find no way to change the page back to English. I rechecked this by uploading the paper to a completely different course in our GCC Canvas courses, and in the VeriCite area, found that the page was showing in Spanish there as well.

I’ve looked all over the internet and the VeriCite FAQ’s to find how to fix this….


Anyone have any thoughts or fixes?

thanks in advance

Dr. Connie Lantz