Adrienne Gauthier

Development work with Khan Academy API/Canvas API?

Discussion created by Adrienne Gauthier on Sep 20, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2019 by David Pieper

hi all!

Is anyone doing any custom development work on a tool that would take data from Khan Academy (like assignments/student progress towards mastery) and then flow that data into Canvas (assignments/outcomes/gradebook)?


Khan Academy is stopping the download of the data on the instructor Dashboard, it will need an API. Our instructors are grandfathered in and still have the data download feature. When they lose it, it will cause issues. They are currently downloading student progress data for Khan assignments and linking it via some scripting/data magic to a Canvas roster/grades and then uploading via Gradebook. It's messy, but works.


We're thinking finding folks who want to build a tool to do this - we can't imagine that no one else needs this!


Anyone doing anything or hearing of anyone doing anything like this? Thank you!