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Line of Sight: Badgr as a Native Feature in Canvas

Discussion created by Timothy Lampley Champion on Sep 20, 2018
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Greetings Fellow Canvasphiles!


Would anyone happen to have any information, regarding when Badgr will become a native feature, within our beloved LMS?  I found an article, published by CISION: PR NewsWire, that gave notification of the good news (please see link below).  Moreover, an announcement was made at the last Instructurecon in Colorado.


This is not a complaint (we'll save the wine for the weekend)!  On the contrary, it is an opportunity to share information regarding the release, as well as define and consider the following discussion topics:


  • What we hope to incorporate when Badgr becomes an intrinsic element of our Canvas Instances?
  • What is currently missing in our respective Badgr implementations, that a native solution would resolve?
  • Other germane points, as the discussion develops.


Let's start a discussion...what say you?








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