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How do we relate Canvas Data Portal  to caliper events?

Question asked by Pooja Kosala on Sep 21, 2018
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I am exploring canvas OLAP database similar to this (Canvas Data Portal ) with caliper events captured for canvas. I struggling to relate the content in canvas with caliper. 

For example, I am trying to find the number times a user viewed a course announcement. Since the ID for each table(dimension) is not global, i am not able to relate data correctly. 

For example, I am looking up id(announcement id) field of discussion_forum_topic in caliper data (object_extensions_enitityid) this field sometimes has id(announcement id) and sometimes has course id (from cvs_course_dim) how do i correctly join the course id in caliper with course_id in canvas, and similarly for other components like announcements, modules etc. 


Do you have a documentation or mapping to relate caliper with canvas? If yes, could you share that?

Appreciate your help !