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Cohorts: Section, Group, or New Course?

Question asked by Evan Chiles on Sep 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2019 by Stuart Ryan

Hello everyone! I am brand new to Canvas, and loving it! I have a problem, however:



In the school I work at, we have rolling admissions. Every ~1 month we will have 6 new students start a new classes. 

Each student will go through the exact same material and course flow. My ideal world would be the following:


1. Students are arranged separately by cohort; I need different start-dates, deadlines, and content lock dates based on the cohort's start date.


2. Students are able to access the same discussion sections.  We are a specialty language school and would really like students to connect and cross-pollinate; the ideal situation is that every student can comment across discussion boards and connect with students from other cohorts. 


3. Majority of content is arranged as "pages" that link out to pseudo assignment pages; ie the page has all of the review and preview content, and then there are links to assignment pages that strictly serve as a download portal for the homework.  


I have reviewed peoples' comments on similar, less-specific questions, but it seems that I am eternally trading one for the other here. Does the wisdom of the canvas boards have any thoughts for me? I am very open to restructuring and doing work over the weekend.




By the way, We are a very small institution, atm (3 teachers).  We are using Canvas for Teachers Through the URL.


Thank you!