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Moderated Quiz Expired before Time was Up

Question asked by Tom Alway on Sep 24, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2018 by Tom Alway

I recently had an instructor give a quiz in Canvas with the following settings: Time limit = 75 minutes, Due date = 9/24/18 10:45 am, Available from = 9/24/18 9:30 am, Available until = 9/24/18 10:45 am.  The instructor then used the "Moderate This Quiz" function to provide an extra 35 minutes to three students.  However, when the three students who received the extra time logged in and began their quiz, it showed that they only had 75 minutes to complete the exam.  When the students reached the 75 minute time limit the quiz expired.  Did the "Available Until" field override the extra amount of time set up in the Moderate Settings?