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When hiding names in SpeedGrader, are the numbers no longer random?

Question asked by Brian Julian on Sep 22, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2019 by Nathan Rasmussen

I always grade essays anonymously, so in SpeedGrader I select "Hide student names" and sort by the date they submitted the assignment. In the past, this generated a list of students by number, with number 1 being the first to submit, 2 the second, ans so on. I just went to grade my first assignment of the semester and SpeedGrader is now working differently. The students are sorted by when they submitted as they should be, but the numbers are based on the alphabetical list of students and are the same in every assignment. For example, "Aaron Aaronson" would always be number 1, and number 1 might be listed 3rd or 15th or 24th, depending on when he submitted the assignment. Am I missing something? How do I make this work the way it used to? Because now I effectively cannot grade anonymously, because I can guess the student names by simply looking at the numbers.