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Where's my front page and why can't students see the scheduled conferences?

Question asked by Alonia Jones on Sep 24, 2018
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Hi. I have just a couple of questions:

(1) I've outlined my program into three modules. This particular module has five courses. Canvas uses the term module, but for me, the module is the whole program. I have added each course as a page and I see where I can go in and add the assignments as attachments. I added some info and indicated that I want to make it my front page. When I click HOME from the administrator's view,  I see my courses/pages. However, when I click the student view, and try to go to my front page, I get the message NO MODULES HAVE BEEN DESIGNED FOR THIS COURSE. So, I'm not sure what I did wrong.

(2) I desire to conduct the courses online via video conference. As such, I have scheduled all the conferences for the appropriate time. However, when I click CONFERENCES from the student view, I get the error message that I am unauthorized to view the conferences. Is this because I haven't formally sent invitations for the students to register? Also, I noticed that I checked the box for all students to be invited to the conferences, but when I went back in, the box had been unchecked for each course. Did I do something wrong?