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How to work around auto-grading quiz questions?

Question asked by on Sep 25, 2018
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Some items in quizzes, like multiple choice, multiple answer, fill-in-the-blank, etc., are automatically graded by Canvas when a quiz is submitted.


We have multiple fill-in-the-blank questions in quizzes in our Algebra course. Some of these questions require the student to fill in digits in a linear equation. The student can enter -7/7 or -1 and both answers would be correct.


The problem is Canvas does a character match, rather than a value match. So if we only have -1 as a possible answer, the answer of -7/7 is incorrect. Adding all of the possible permutations of 1 is impossible and extremely laborious. We have instructed all teachers grading these quizzes to disregard automatically graded questions and to grade each question themselves which causes additional issues.


This may be something that is beyond the limitations of the platform, but how do other math people deal with these types of problems?