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We would like to view all grades for all assignments for all courses in one view

Question asked by Jason and Kristen Blair on Sep 23, 2018
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As a parent Observer, how can I see all grades for all assignment for all courses for my student in one view?  Ideally, I would like to see all assignment grades for all courses in one view.  The Grades page would be good, but I would like to be able to "expand" each course in that view to see the assignments that made up the grade.  Having a filter to allow to filter by student (in the parent is trying to view for more than 1 student), grading period, or grade of the assignment (for example only want to see those assignments where the student got below a 90% for a grade) would be extremely helpful too.  


Right now to be able to view the progress of assignments for my student across all courses, I find I need to click into each courses separately and view the assignments for that course and then go back and choose the next course.  Not very efficient to be able to help coach my kid against their progress for all course.  Thank you.