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To Do List in Course View Broken

Question asked by Brian Vargo on Sep 24, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2018 by Brian Vargo

I don't know what happened to the To-Do List inside the Course View, but it now no longer functions as it used to and behaves incorrectly.  (This problem is exclusive of how the To-Do List functions in the Dash[board] view.)


  1. This did not previously present a problem; i.e., it was possible to dismiss To Dos from the Course view.
  2. The Course-View To-Do List elements show an X next to each one.
  3. Upon the context of the mouse pointer moving over the X, it changes from an X to an [X] with a box drawn around it and the mouse pointer changes from the standard [arrow] pointer to a click pointer, i.e. a right hand with the index finger outstretched so as to click on said [X] in a box.
  4. Clicking on the X doesn't do anything:

Screenshot of todolist


This is clearly a bug.  Either it is a design bug because the Xs don't belong there and the mouse pointer should not be context sensitive and change or the button should still work as it used to.  I don't know which, but it really should be the latter.  If you have but one class, there is no point in going back out to the Dash view for the sole reason of dismissing to-do list elements.  All of that extra work is a waste of time and thus adds friction to the use of the to-do list meaning that for some appreciable portion of the user base, it simply won't be used.


Desired resolution:

Fix the course to-do list such that the Xs work as previously and intended, i.e. to dismiss the to-do list elements as requested by the user upon mouse click.


Alternate resolution:

Remove Xs from the course to-do list...and at that point, just remove them [the to-do list] all together, else why have them there in the first place?


Version/Browser information:

Package: google-chrome-stable
Version: 69.0.3497.100-1
Status: install ok installed