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Interactivity and Course Navigation

Question asked by Bruce ServiceAccount Drummond on Sep 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2019 by Stuart Ryan

Take a simple interaction:

  • Present a unique situation or scenario that requires learners to recall recently presented content
  • Provide multiple responses/paths the learner can follow
  • Give feedback based on learner response/choice

In Canvas these three things can be done using an ungraded quiz, keeping in mind this is an interaction for reflection and not a graded quiz. However, at the bottom of the screen is the 'Next' button and the entire interaction can be skipped with a simple click. 


Is there a way to control the availability of the built in navigation buttons?  I've notice if I have a single module in a course shell the first page of the module is missing the 'Previous' button and the last page is missing the 'Next' button, so there is some sort of control used in those instances.  


I need to avoid creating a 'page turner' tutorial where the learner can hover over the 'Next' button and get through the tutorial as fast as they can hit next.


Thanks in advance for suggestions or solutions.