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Adding contextualized learning data from a publisher system.

Discussion created by Jeff Huettman on Sep 27, 2018

Hello, Canvas community. We here at Cengage are collecting a LOT of data. We've just launched our Cengage Unlimited offer and It's been met with great success. As a result, we are collecting scads of academic and behavioral data about our learners (and your learners too.) We are now interested in how that data could help drive better outcomes, help refine engagement models, assist with accreditation and help answer questions or improve the data picture at institutions. We know a LOT of student work takes place at your institution, in our products through the LMS. This led us here to the Canvas community and to this group specifically.


We are currently looking for collaborators who might be interested in working with us on how we could best leverage the wealth of learning and behavior data that we collect in our MIndTap, CengageNOW or WebAssign products that doesn't show up (other that a grade) in the LMS. How can we best use this data to help with your institutional research, cohort definition or anything else we might not be considering?


If you're interested in being a part of our project, helping us better understand your needs or just hitting us with a crazy idea, please either respond to this thread, e-mail me directly @ or DM me directly here in the community and let's chat!


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Jeff Huettman

Director of Product Management for Institutional Analytics