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Module Item disappearing in Student View

Question asked by Gariet Cowin on Sep 29, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2019 by Catherine Smith

I have a biweekly calendar module that I created in my Canvas course.  There is a separate page for every two weeks (Week 1-2, Week 3-4, etc.), which holds a little calendar that I post homework and classwork links to.  Two days ago, my students reported that the "Week 5-6" Item had disappeared from the Biweekly Calendar module.  I checked it out under Student View, and it has indeed disappeared for them, although I can clearly see it when in the regular teacher mode.


The Item/Page is definitely published.  Students had access to the page on Thursday night, but on Friday morning it was gone.  If students go to the "Week 3-4" page, and hit "Next", it takes them to the "Week 7-8" page, but it takes me to the "Week 5-6" page.  Any ideas?


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