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Attaching outcomes to QUESTION BANKS in

Question asked by Sara Samples on Sep 30, 2018
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Attaching outcomes to QUESTION BANKS in


I am slowly trying to bring my old style question banks over into  However, I am having an issue with migrating outcomes.  It appears that I will have to manually attach outcomes to each question within my banks.  This is cumbersome at best, and made nearly impossible by the fact that there are about 4000 (3,938 to be precise) outcomes available in our districts "institution" bank of outcomes, so it takes a thousand years to load each time and another hundred years to locate the outcome I need. Yes, I'm exaggerating a bit, but even if I do literally nothing else between right now and Tuesday, when I have to administer a Unit Test, I'm not going to be able to get outcomes attached to all my questions in time. 

Any suggestions?  Other than attaching the outcomes to the test as a whole, because then I might as well not attach outcomes at all since it will not produce useful data.