Brett Kisker

Variable Banks for Quizzes

Discussion created by Brett Kisker on Sep 28, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2018 by Jennifer Carpenter

I would love to see the ability to create a "variable bank" in Canvas. The purpose of the bank would be to create a custom set of variables that could be used for questions in Canvas quizzes, including but not limited to formula-based questions.

For example, if I was creating quiz questions around projectile motion, I could set up variable banks for initial velocitylaunch angle and range. These variables could be used in numerous questions without having to redefine them within each question individually, allowing me to write many questions quickly and easily.


More importantly, I am hoping that somehow this idea could be implemented such that we would have the ability to turn a student-entered solution from one problem into an input for the next question. This would be an absolute game-changer because I could then create a string of questions centered around a single narrative, like you would see on the PISA test. The difference here is if a student solves the first calculation in a series of questions incorrectly, it won't be impossible to answer subsequent questions correctly. 


Another nice feature (but not a necessity) would be to allow not only ranges of values for variables (i.e. min = 10 and max = 20, as is possible now) but to also allow only discrete values (i.e. the value can be 10, 15, 20 or 25). This could be expanded to include strings of text (i.e. you can have choices of obtuse, acute, or right for angle types).



I'm sure there are other things which would be really useful for this, but I'm a public school teacher and it's a Friday afternoon so my brain is mush. Having a tool that could do the things listed above would be an absolute game changer, though.