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Facilitating a departmental exam

Question asked by Roselle Basa on Oct 1, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2020 by Ginny Magee

It is our pilot implementation for Canvas, and we are currently planning to administer a departmental examination for a specific course using Canvas.  The course has multiple sections and with each section assigned to a particular teacher.  Here are my issues:

1.  The teachers need to collaborate to come up with a single exam.  We can assign specific topics to teachers and build their exam, and eventually export to Commons.  My question would be : "Can Canvas combine multiple exams developed by many teacher into a single exam?"  If so, how do we do this?  


2.  In administering the exam, we are thinking of "enrolling" the different classes to a single account, say to the program head's account, and also add the different teachers in the said course.  The teachers can then create the exam for the assigned topics (as mentioned in issue no. 1).  Through this, the program head would be able to monitor the progress of the exam development and access the exam analytics for all sections,  for individual sections, and and individual student.  Is this approach alright?  


Please advise. Thank you.