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Grading a discussion to provide feedback on quality but not counting it in final grade?

Question asked by Mimi Wong on Sep 30, 2018
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I have various discussions that I use for approximately 100 students to share information or viewpoints as part of their final contribution / participation grade.   Not all information/viewpoints have the same level of critical thinking or thoroughness and I would like to figure out a way to provide feedback by "grading" the information contributed to the discussion on a simple scale that reflects my evaluation of the quality of what is being contribution.


It also occurs to me that that numeric feedback also helps me gauge the level of on line participation and contribution at the end of the semester without having to go back in to each discussion thread.


Students can contribute multiple times to a discussion so the more times they contribute with quality posts, the higher the recognition they should get from a participation perspective.


Can anyone share any best practices on how to set up a discussion to do this sort of evaluation that doesn't contribute to a grade but provides feedback to the student on the quality of what they have shared?