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Custom Gradebook Columns API not affecting Total?

Question asked by Akshya Pandey on Oct 3, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2018 by Peter Love

Hello! I have a question regarding grades posted via REST API appearing to not affect the total column in the gradebook.


We have an LTI tool that tracks user attendance in a course, and the instructor has the ability to allow our tool to push the student's attendance information (attendance points and absences). If enabled, we have been using the Custom Gradebook Columns API (Custom Gradebook Columns - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation ) to POST a new gradebook column, PUT updated values in existing columns or DELETE a custom column if the instructor so chooses. 


When the gradebook column has been created and the values assigned, everything appears correct except the final grade seems to be unaffected by the values of this custom column. Furthermore, the columns or points don't appear at all for the student's gradebook view.


I am looking through the APIs and I can't find anything that explicitly addresses this issue that I am having, apart from saying "Custom gradebook columns will be displayed with the other frozen gradebook columns." Does this mean I cannot use custom gradebook columns to try and affect the final grade? Is there something I am missing, or am I looking at the wrong APIs? Any help is appreciated.