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Clicking assignment names lead to submission page even when it's not an online submission?

Question asked by Laura Heslin on Oct 2, 2018
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Hi there, I hope this is the right place to ask this! I'm a course administrator running a very large course (~1800 students) at a university that's just adopted Canvas for the first time.


For this course, we have several small in-lab assignments that are completed on paper in the students' labs. I had to create these assignments on Canvas in order to have them show up as columns in Gradebook, but there is no online submission component to them. Ideally, I wish I could hide them everywhere except in Grades, but I realize this is not an option. 


I knew students would get confused seeing these assignments on their To-Do lists and Calendars, so I made the assignment descriptions very clear ("This is an in-lab assignment, you do NOT need to submit online", etc.). However, the problem is that when students see the assignment under "Grades" and click the name to find out more, they're taken to an empty submission page rather than the page with the assignment description. This seems really weird, since I've set the assignment to paper submission and there's no need for a submission page. It's also not helpful, because the submission page has no information about the assignment, but looks like an online submission is required, so then students email me in a panic!


I'm hoping I've missed something - is there any way to set up an assignment so that clicking on the name leads to the page with the assignment details, rather than an empty submission page? 


Thanks very much!