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Module Prerequisites and Requirements

Question asked by April White on Oct 3, 2018
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Is it possible to enable the pre-requisite and requirement option for a public course? I have created a new student online orientation experience that new students are being directed to as soon as they are admitted. The orientation is made public so that student can gain access immediately and not have to wait on gaining access to other online student resources that require a log-in.


Testing the pre-requisite and requirements feature, I find that the user is stalled at the very beginning of the training. I'm greatly interested in using this feature to greatly minimize the amount of time our online academic success coaches currently spend going over the information adequately addressed and assessed within the orientation. 


I've read a few discussion similar to this matter, yet none seem to answer my question specifically as it relates to the pre-requisite and requirement option within a public course. What might I be missing?