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Customizing How Points Are Distributed in "Many Answer" Questions

Question asked by Steven Alvarez on Oct 3, 2018
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Our teachers would like to appeal to Canvas to have the option to customize how the points are distributed in “many answer” questions for both correct and incorrect answers.


Currently, the grading is such that if a student gets one answer correct and one wrong in the same problem, it cancels out those points.


***See examples below.


Would we be able to do this?


It is giving partial credit to both correct and incorrect answers equally, while at the same time, cancelling out correct points if they select one incorrectly.

For #9, in this instance, I selected 2/3 and it scored correctly:


In this next instance, I marked two correctly and one incorrect, and it gave me 1/3. In other words, it cancels out the point for the correct answer if you choose something wrong.

I don’t agree with that necessarily, but that is how it is set up for partials: