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Images not appearing in a canvas assessment from commons

Question asked by Margaret Cox on Oct 3, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2019 by Margaret Cox

I'm looking at a Spanish final exam that I got from the canvas commons and would like to use with my class, but none of the pictures that are supposed to be in it show up. I'm assuming that is because each picture has to be uploaded to my files in order to appear in a question. Is there a work around?


I'd like to know 1. so that, if needed, I can delete some pictures from my files that I no longer need without potentially affecting existing quizzes 2. because I'd love it if there's an easier solution than replacing the images one-by-one myself and 3. to know if there's a way I can share my Spanish materials, which tend to have a lot of visuals, on the commons in a ready-to-use format for other teachers. 


Thank you in advance!