Jesse Watts

Academic Results Moderation in the US

Discussion created by Jesse Watts on Oct 3, 2018

Hello Mid-Atlantic Regional Canvassers!

I'm working with Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia, and I'm reaching out in the hope of having a discussion with some American higher education institutions about academic results moderation. 

From what I can gather, there's no official requirement for an Academic moderation process in the US. 

For the curious out there, Australian/NZ and United Kingdom Universities use results moderation to;

-Provide system wide comparability of grades and scores derived from college-based assessment
-Form the basis for valid and reliable assessment in senior secondary colleges
-Maintain the quality of college-based assessment and the credibility, validity and acceptability of Board certificates.

It's also used to identify students on the thresholds of certain grades (i.e <1 mark between a passing and failing grade) and evaluate the submitted work and assessable material done by the student for the unit, to ensure that their pass or fail mark is warranted. 

I was hoping someone out there might be able to have a chat with me over Skype or Email to discuss the practice. Do any Universities in the US have similar processes internally, or perhaps used under a different name?

Please feel free to chat to me here or on Skype/Email at - or let me know if there's a certain person within your institution I could reach out to with questions.