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modules deleted from my course, how do I recover?

Question asked by Joshua Steinberg on Jul 15, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2018 by Renee Carney

Hi folks,


  Longtime happy Canvas user.  I have a course which I share with a dozen other educational programs at different sites.  I'm the Admin, the Designer, and a Teacher.  All other educators are Teachers, too, thus many people have privileges to edit stuff.


  Anyway, this morning a collaborating colleague emailed me, "what happened to the lessons on X, Y, and Z?"  I opened my course and discovered that numerous modules seemed to disappear.  I used the URL/undelete trick found reading here on the Canvas guides to find that numerous materials were in fact deleted yesterday morning.  But it doesn't say who deleted them.  Can I find out?


  I restored my deleted modules.  But restoring a module just creates the empty module with same title and settings.  It does not seem to remember the content.  My learning modules were subjects with quizzes and a few documents to read and a few links to outside materials for learners to review.  I don't remember the EXACT materials in each module.  I've rebuilt them as best as I can, but I know I'm missing at least a few things.  So my biggest question is...


-->  Can I see the details of some old version of my course, perhaps as recently as last week, so as to see exactly what materials (documents, links, quizzes, etc.) were in each module so I can rebuild the restored versions?


  Finally, for the future, can I periodically "archive" or "backup" the course as it is so that I could more easily restore it if someone by mistake deletes stuff?



-- Joshua Steinberg MD