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About creating quiz questions

Question asked by Angus Xu on Oct 4, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2018 by Angus Xu

I'm creating quiz questions on Canvas and encounter two problems.

First, I have a multiple choice question and the options are like:

A. Answer 1

B. Answer 2

C. Answer 3

D. None of the above

I want the options in the fixed order above, but the system seems to always randomize their order.


Second, I have some questions related to each other. For example,

Q1. [Reading material]

1) What is the material about? (3 points)

2) What do you learn from the material? (3 points)

I cannot put the two questions together because they are answered and graded separately, but if I divide the two questions, they will look like unrelated questions. See below.


Question 1 [Reading materail] What is the material about?

Question 2 What do you learn from the material?


Does anyone know how to solve the two problems? Thanks. By the way, I'm not using Quizzes.Next.