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Outcomes and Quizzes

Question asked by Holley Collier on Oct 4, 2018
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I haven't been able to replicate the grading structure for some of our math faculty when using outcomes and quizzes. Here's an example: 

A student completes a quiz. 5 questions within the quiz are generating an outcome score. But each of those 5 questions may be aligned with 3 different outcomes. So when the instructor assigns points to each question, it's giving the same point values to each outcomes aligned with the question. But, when grading by hand, the instructors may not give the same score to each outcome based on how the student answered the question. The student may show mastery in say communication outcome but not mastery in critical thinking outcome. Making sense? 


Is there a way to align 1 quiz question with multiple outcomes, but give a different score for each outcome if needed? Essentially, 1 question could produce 3 different outcome scores. 


Maybe we need to be creating a bank with three different submissions for one question and aligned each submission with a unique outcome?