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Developer Key with Multiple Redirect URIs?

Question asked by Sam Malcolm on Oct 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2019 by Peter Love

Hi all! i cant seem to get something working and im probably missunderstanding or making a silly mistake. Basically i want my developer key to be able to use multiple redirects, one for testing and one for production. But when i use the Redirect URIs in the developer key settings box and list both that are needed i get the error when trying to use the oAuth2 flow that the URI is not the one associated with the developer key? has anyone else had this issue? i basically want the dev key to be able to redirect to my application server OR localhost depending on which one i pass into the query string. Is this possible? I would think thats the purpose of having the multiple redirect URI box


When i have this if i go to the auth url with my client id i get the invalid redirect error.