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Is there a way to use Scheduler to have non-students sign up?

Question asked by Rachel Peters on Jul 20, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2015 by Rachel Peters

I'm an admin of a school currently transitioning to Canvas. As part of our training, we're offering one-on-one sessions to instructors to get help either building their courses or transferring data from our current LMS. I had the brilliant (or at least, I thought so at the time) idea to use the Scheduler tool on an open-to-all-authenticated-users course to have instructors sign up for those one-on-one sessions. However, it looks like only those added to the course as students can sign up via Scheduler. Anyone know of a way to have non-students be able to sign up?


Alternatively, is there an easy way to add all instructors as students to my course? Or maybe have it so anyone accessing the course automatically assumes the student role?


Failing that, anyone know of a good online tool to accomplish the above?


My thanks in advance!