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schema.json constraints

Question asked by Julian Ebeli on Oct 8, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2018 by James Jones



We're setting up an Azure mirror of our Canvas Data.

We're using the schema.json to help build out the required tables, indexes and foreign key constraints.

My question is about the relationship between a dim and a fact table.

Why does pseudonym_fact(pseudonym_id) not have a dimension attribute (like user_id) when the description says its a foreign key? I don't know weather to believe the description or not?

The warehouse architecture requires it, I would have thought.



                  "pseudonym_fact":  {
                                          "dw_type":  "fact",
                                          "columns":  [
                                                              "type":  "bigint",
                                                              "description":  "Foreign key to pseudonym dimension table",
                                                              "name":  "pseudonym_id"
                                                              "type":  "bigint",
                                                              "description":  "Foreign key to user associated with this pseudonym",
                                                              "name":  "user_id",
                                                              "dimension":  {
                                                                                "name":  "user",
                                                                                "id":  "id",
                                                                                "role":  "user"
                                                          }, ...