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Who is using Canvas in a primary school setting?

Discussion created by Bobby Pedersen Champion on Oct 5, 2018
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At the recent CanvasCon in Sydney we were asked a series of questions. As there was not enough time to answer them all live we have begun a series attempting to answer a few here. 


But Community is all about people, your input to the discussions will assist everyone so much, so please feel free to add your thoughts and experiences. 


Who is using Canvas in a primary school setting?

This is what I want to know also. I’m wanting to visit schools in person. Please add your name to the discussion if you are up for a chat or visit about how you use Canvas at your place.


There are a few primary schools using Canvas in Tasmania. Here is an example of an experience I saw happening in a grade 5-6 class.

When Magic Happens. Students experience as editors in Canvas.  


Here are some ideas about assignments in primary schools.

Assessment and the Little People  


And a reminder to join the K-12 group in the Canvas Community! K-12 



Many thanks to Scott Dennis for his support during CanvasCon and this Canvascon Q&AStuart Ryan and Jayde Colquhoun fellow panelists, and the wonderful Barrett Doran for being the MC.