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How do I set up student Groups unique to Only One Canvas Course?

Question asked by Michael Maguire on Oct 7, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2018 by Michael Maguire

Since I've had no resolutions recommended by Canvas personnel, and since it seems I could be the only one dealing with this, I will try a different way to ask my question (I've posed it before, to no avail!).

I teach four courses, all included in Canvas LMS, during the same semester.

When I set up student Groups - for semester-long or single/in-class projects, for Discussions, etc. - I set the student up the student Groups only within an individual course.  Therefore, to manage my per-course student Groups via the Canvas LMS, it is only helpful to me to access student Groups' work - submitting assignments, Discussions, etc. - within the course from which the student Groups originate.  And, unlike the apparent default setting for Canvas student groups, it is much more efficient and convenient for me to stay within that course and continue working with student Groups, for that course only.

I have not had any personnel from Canvas explain to me why the Canvas LMS student Group default set-up is arranged in such a way that, when I access student Group activity, I'm taken away from the Canvas course from where the student Groups originated [cynically, I refer to this as Canvas' "GroupLand."].  I just don't get it.

So, first, my question related to the student Group function I need:  How do I set up student Groups that will have application for only One Canvas course during one semester?  I want this to work in such a way that, when I am working on one course - managing student Groups, Group assignments, Group discussions - I stay with that Canvas course, and don't have to use the multiple-clicks workarounds I'm currently using to meander my way back to the Canvas course I'm working on.

My second question is more out of curiosity:  Does anyone out there in the Canvas community utilize the student Groups function that goes beyond use in a single course during the same semester?  I'm just really curious about how that works (and why it's needed, and set as the default student Groups set-up in Canvas).