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Is there a way to use the Apple Pencil on my ipad, in Speedgrader, to mark on my students' scanned images/pdf worksheets?

Question asked by Dianna Hall on Oct 8, 2018
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When I tried doing this in the Teacher app on my iPad, the speed grader different function icons are not present.  I tried opening up the speed grader in google on my iPad and it has all the functions present.  The issue here is when I try circling on the image (their worksheet), and try handwriting a character the whole image moves which makes it almost impossible to use the Apple pencil to grade. I hope this makes sense? Am I missing something here to where it is possible to use the Apple pencil to mark on my students work??  If so, please help.  This is one of the main reasons why I have an iPad.  Trying to draw Japanese characters using a mouse on speed grader (on my computer) is a bit difficult and cumbersome.  If there's a way to use my Apple pencil on my iPad to draw characters for my students in speed grader, that would be great.  


I have also tried screenshooting the image, and drawing on the image to send back to my students BUT the issue with that is I can't attach a file or image to their comments, so that doesn't work either.  


Any suggestions? >.< .